Direct Primary Care Doctor Cedar Park

VIP Care Tailored to You

At Premier Health MD, we are like MDVIP in all the important ways, but we will never charge you a copay for your visit and your visits are unlimited. You will also have your visits in a truly luxurious environment. Your care, comfort and experience are extremely important to us.  You get all of the great services that you expect from a concierge doctor but at a price that is even better than MDVIP’s.

Here are just some of the benefits of joining Premier Health MD

• 24/7 Access to Your Personal Doctor
• Dr. Miller’s Personal Cell Phone Number
• The Ability to Text with your Doctor
• Guaranteed Same Day or Next Day Appointments
• Appointments that Start on Time
• Extended, Relaxed Visits
• Annual Physical Exam including Extensive Personalized Labs and EKG at no extra cost
• Option to Have Appointments Using Skype
• Wholesale Lab Costs
• Full Coordination of Specialists

We call ourselves an Affordable Concierge Medical Practice and that ultimately means that your doctor gets to spend more time with you, whenever you need it.  We believe in a personal relationship between doctor and patient.  You will have a doctor that knows your story inside and out and is there for you when you need her most.  We offer same-day scheduling with no wait to see the doctor and extended visits of an hour or more, if you like.  You will have quality time with your doctor and you can ask all the questions you want.  Other than your monthly fee, there is also never a copay to see your doctor.
Your relationship with your personal doctor even extends outside of the office.  You will be given Dr. Miller’s personal cell phone number when you join.  Now that is service!


To make an appointment or ask a question, please call us at 512-259-8400 or complete the form and we will contact you shortly.

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